Judicial Compass

Judge Jennifer EdgeworthJudge Edgeworth believes that judges should be fair, unbiased, and consistent. The cases in her courtroom involve very serious matters of criminal felonies, family law, and civil lawsuits. She believes it is a privilege to serve the citizens of Collin County as they seek justice through the judicial system.

She believes in the rule of law and adhering to the language of the U.S Constitution and the Texas Constitution.

She also believes that judges must be fiscally responsible and efficiently move cases through their courtrooms, because the work of the district judges has a direct impact on the cost to the Collin County taxpayers.

During the pandemic, Judge Edgeworth presided over the first remote civil jury trial to verdict in Collin County, and continued to conduct remote civil jury trials to work through the back log of cases from the shutdown of courts. As a result, Judge Edgeworth was able to still resolve civil jury cases at a time when only criminal jury trials were being conducted in person.

Judge Edgeworth also initiated and led a data management project with the information technology department of Collin County to create critical reports in each of the three case areas (criminal, civil, and family). These reports have helped to increase the efficiency of judges and their staff, and helped improve the management of case dockets. This is a direct benefit to citizens with cases in the court system who need their cases resolved and justice served.